Abortion Clinic Istanbul Turkey

Abortion Clinic Istanbul

Health of our patients are the most important factors for us at Lotus Clinic, which is the right address for Abortion Clinic Istanbul. Based on the mutual trust procedure, we perform the abortion process.

Abortion Clinic

With Hygienic Conditions and Latest Technology

As abortion clinic Istanbul, hygiene is an issue that we are very sensitive to, as health is the most important issue in the abortion process. Since abortion is a very important issue for women's health, we use advanced technological developments in medicine.

Termination of Pregnancy

During the termination of pregnancy technical knowledge and hygiene is very important. At our abortion clinic Istanbul, we care about our patient’s health and experience. For this reason, you can contact with Lotus Clinic as a professional and reliable abortion clinic Istanbul address.

Pain Free Abortion

All procedures you will have at Istanbul abortion clinic Lotus are performed painlessly and the lowest risky manner.

Abortion Price in Istanbul

A procedure is applied in the light of the developing technology at Abortion clinic Istanbul Lotus. Prices may vary depending on the patient and many factors. You can contact with abortion clinic Istanbul Lotus to get the best price for you.


Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. In other words, it is called the process of cleaning the inside of the uterus. For this reason, abortion is performed not only to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, but also to remove the remaining parts of the miscarriage. Apart from this, abortion is also applied in cases that result in a still pregnancy or an empty pregnancy.

Abortion is basically performed by 3 methods. Vacuum aspiration technique, scraping with a metal curette and curettage with a hysteroscope.

Vacuum abortion is the most commonly used today. It is a highly effective and reliable method in terminating pregnancy. Curettage should be done with a special injector that creates negative pressure. That’s why it’s called vacuum. Instruments called cannula are attached to the tip of the injector and advanced to the uterus. Thus, the inside of the uterus is cleaned with the negative pressure created by the injector. Before this procedure, the cervix is widened with a tube-like instrument called bougie and the cannulas are allowed to move into the uterus more easily.

As in many parts of the world, we apply the vacuum abortion technique at our abortion clinic Istanbul address. You can consult our abortion clinic Istanbul address without hesitation for all your questions about vacuum abortion and abortion procedures.

You should come to your abortion appointment hungry and thirsty. (Eating and drinking should be stopped at least 5 hours before).

 Before the abortion, pelvic examination and ultrasonography are performed. Also, information such as previous operations, blood group drug allergy are determined.

The procedure is performed on the gynecological table and anesthesia is performed by injection from the arm. This anesthetic drug provides a short-term drowsiness. for this reason, the patient does not see the procedure. An ultrasonic examination is performed as a precautionary measure after the procedure.

After this procedure, which takes about 5 minutes, the patient rests in the clinic. After a rest period of approximately 20-30 minutes, the patient can leave the clinic whenever the patient wishes.

The risk of any complications after the abortion procedure performed in reliable environments and with the right methods is extremely low.

You can contact our clinic so that you can perform your abortion in the most risk-free and safe environment.

The week of pregnancy for abortion is an important issue in terms of practice.  It is legal to terminate the pregnancy up to the 10th week from the time it is detected by ultrasound. Pregnancy termination cannot be performed in periods exceeding 10 weeks.

However, this may change in situations that endanger the life or health of the mother. In such cases, abortion can be applied in pregnancies that last longer than 10 weeks.

Abortion is also legal for individuals under the age of 18 but this requires parental consent.

Abortion is performed in unintended pregnancies or in potentially risky situations that may endanger the health of the person.

The optimal timing for an abortion is between the 5th and 7th week of pregnancy. With the progression of pregnancy, the risks of abortion may increase as the placenta begins to attach more firmly to the uterus.

These fees may vary depending on the type of anesthesia to be applied, cysts and similar formations or conditions such as multiple pregnancy. The patient must undergo a gynecological examination in order to clearly determine the exact price.

A meeting with our clinic for your abortion procedure will allow you to get the best price in a healthy and reliable environment.

After an abortion, menstruation occurs in an average of 30-40 days. This may differ from person to person. The point to be noted here is that the patient has menstruation after a maximum of 40 days. If bleeding still has not started within this period, a doctor should be consulted.

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