At Lotus Clinic, we provide a comfortable environment where you can consult us about all your problems in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, IVF Treatment.

At Lotus Clinic, we provide service with a patient-oriented and perfectionist approach with our experienced team. At Lotus Clinic, we work hard to provide comfort, confidence and peace of mind to all our patients through our assessments, treatments and procedures.

Whether you’re looking for a safe method of birth control or advice on starting a family; Our doctors and consultant teams will provide the care you need at every stage.


Gynecology, obstetrics and in vitro fertilization are in the hands of experts and experienced; We are working to provide a warm and quality service in a boutique clinic environment.

With an understanding that adopts preventive medicine, following international developments, with treatments based on scientific foundations, respecting patient rights, without compromising ethical values, to provide our high quality and friendly service with our qualified and expert staff in a reliable and warm clinical environment.

The main topics we can support are:

* menstrual problems,

* To give information about birth control methods and birth control spiral operation,

* Fertility assessments, treatment and advice (including IVF IVF),

* Prenatal care, including high-risk pregnancies,

* Single and multiple births, cesarean births, obstetrician-led care,

* Support in the menopause process, including HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) counseling,

* Post-menopausal Care,

* Urogynecological, aesthetic vaginal surgery, including laser therapy,

* Robotic and Laparoscopic advanced gynecological surgery,

* Gynecological Oncology Surgery.

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