Genital Aesthetics

What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetic surgeries are operations performed for the purpose of both making the genital area look better aesthetically and for functional treatment. When done with the right technique, it provides many medical, psychological and sexual benefits. It is the cause of a serious increase in one’s self-confidence.

To Whom Is Genital Aesthetics Applied?

Women who are not satisfied with the shape of their vaginal organs,
Women with enlargement and deformities due to childbirth,
In the formation of deformation as a result of a trauma or accident,
At the same time, women with congenital deformities,
The hymen is very thick and as a result, in the surgical application,
Again, as a result of the sagging of the size of the inner lip structure over time, genital aesthetic procedures can be applied to people.

How Are Genital Aesthetic Surgeries Performed?

Genital aesthetic surgeries can be performed in a clinical setting or in hospitals. The experience of the doctor is very important to obtain the best surgical result. Genital aesthetic surgeries can be performed with methods such as local, sedation, spinal and general anesthesia.

What are Genital Aesthetic Operations?

Vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty).
Removal or reduction of excess tissue in the clitoris (clitoroplasty).
Inner lip reduction operation and aesthetic appearance of outer lips (Labiaplasty).
Repairing the general deformation of the vagina.
Outer lip filling (Outer lips gain a fuller and tighter appearance.)
G spot application (To increase sexual pleasure.)
Perineal body filler (To increase sexual pleasure.)
Does Genital Plastic Surgery Affect Sexual Pleasure?
Increasing the self-confidence of the woman, increasing the sensitivity of the vagina, increasing the feeling of both herself and the partner with vaginal tightening are the reasons for genital aesthetics. When done with the right technique, genital plastic surgeries have no negative side effects and are very effective in terms of sexual pleasure. Vaginal tightening, radiofrequency or laser vaginal tightening causes a noticeable increase in pleasure for both men and women.
Does Genital Aesthetic Trace Remain?
Depending on the width of the surgery and the tissue healing speed, there is no scar when it is performed with the right technique. It may not be obvious even during your doctor’s examination. The results obtained after the operation are quite satisfactory.

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