Private obstetrician

If you are planning to start a family it is always a good idea to begin with a visit to an expert. Our Obstetric clinic is a great place to start your planning for parenthood.


What is an obstetrics clinic?

Obstetrics is everything to do with pregnancies and having a baby. From before you even start your journey to parenthood through to the day that you hold your new baby in your arms, a private obstetrician is a great place to start.

At our pre-conception clinic you will have:

  • Advice on any lifestyle changes to make before pregnancy, for example taking a folic-acid supplement.
  • Help with working out your ovulation to increase the chances of getting pregnant
  • Any issues that need to be looked at before you get pregnant and to prepare for the pregnancy
  • Any pre-existing complaints such as high blood pressure or diabetes will be carefully assessed and monitored throughout the pregnancy
  • Advice on any problems there might have been in getting pregnant

Once you are pregnant then it is even more important that you are monitored regularly to ensure that the pregnancy is proceeding without any problem.

Our obstetrics clinics will offer you:

  • If you have been having complications with your pregnancy of if your pregnancy has been categorised as high risk
  • If a previous pregnancy or birth has been problematic
  • You are having more than one baby
  • If you are more comfortable seeing a private obstetrician than a midwife during your pregnancy

When it is time for your baby to be born, you will be very glad that you are going to be cared for by a private obstetrician. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your obstetrics consultant will provide specialist care during the birth and will also perform a caesarean section if needed. The presence of a specialist is even more important if your pregnancy has been high risk.

An obstetrician led delivery will be needed if:

  • There is a high risk that there will be complications during the labour or birth
  • You will be giving birth by an elective Caesarean
  • There are any complications that arise during delivery for which you need specialist care

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