Vagina Tightening Surgery

What is Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)?

Enlargement of the vagina can occur in many women as they age and undergo interventions such as pregnancy and vaginal delivery. Vaginal enlargement can both affect sexual life and increase the incidence of vaginal infections. Complaints such as gas coming out of the vagina can be seen. For this reason, many women prefer vaginoplasty.

Why Does the Vagina Enlarge?

The vagina, which is the organs where women perform their basic body functions, is 9 cm long on average. This average length of the vagina can vary between 8 and 10 cm.

Vaginal enlargement is very common in menopause and after normal births. Estrogen hormone, which is actively secreted during the fertile period, helps to strengthen the muscle and connective tissues in the pelvic structures. However, due to the decrease in estrogen levels after the menopause period, the strength in this pelvic region is lost. Due to normal delivery, loosening of the muscle and connective tissues in the vaginal area causes the vagina to expand.

What kind of problems occur when the vagina is enlarged?

The enlargement of the vagina over time causes it to not fully grasp the penis during intercourse and as a result, sexual satisfaction cannot be fully achieved. Especially many couples complain that their sexual life is not the same after vaginal delivery. In addition, the sounds that occur during sexual intercourse due to vaginal enlargement cause a loss of concentration in couples. Sound from the vagina during intercourse is due to gas leakage and reduces the pleasure during sexual intercourse.

How is Laser Vaginal Tightening Performed?

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can be performed using laser. No incision is made in this procedure with laser. Since it is a painless procedure, anesthesia is not used. With the rays sent into the vagina, the tissue of the vagina is renewed and tightened. It is not an effective method for those with too much vagina width.

How Many cm Is The Vagina Narrowed?

It varies from patient to patient. The narrowing to be made in a woman who has given birth 3-4 times and in a woman who has never given birth is not the same. While 4-5 cm narrowing is done in one, 2-3 cm narrowing may be sufficient in the other. Therefore, the amount of narrowing is determined according to the patient’s examination and the patient’s request. While doing the procedure, we share our thoughts with the patient. We tell the patient what should be done for the best result in the amount of vaginal tightening.

What Should Be Considered After Vaginoplasty?

Vaginal tightening surgery is a procedure performed under anesthesia and with operating room procedures. Mild pain and bleeding may occur in the postoperative period. Dressing as recommended and using medications regularly will affect your recovery rate.

Things to consider after vaginoplasty surgery;

* Heavy exercise should not be done for the first 1 month after the surgery.
* Pool and sea use is not recommended
* Smoking and alcohol should be avoided.
* Plenty of water intake and regular nutrition should be paid attention to.
* The first sexual intercourse after surgery is usually recommended 6 weeks later.

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