Vagina Whitening

What is Vagina Whitening?

The last operation is popular. In particular, the patient demonstration on the laser color bench is the prototype. In women, the external genitalia is called the vulva. It includes things to be done to correct the darkness before the vagina whitening process is planned. Medically, hyperpigmentation actually passes. It can also be applied to different forms that can be produced.

Why Does Your Vagina Darken?

The vulva is in a structure that is very suitable for external appearance color selection. Due to hormone sensitive skin, during pregnancies and hormonal status darkening.

Vaginal darkening due to hormones,
Congenital darkening of the vagina,
Vaginal darkening due to irritation,
Darkening of the genital area due to sweating,
Synthetic underwear,
Wearing tight clothing
Skin pH-disrupting cleansers

Hair removal, depilatory creams and wax applications are among the causes of darkening in the genital color.

How is the Genital Area Whitening Process With Laser Performed?

Laser, with the thermal effect of the skin, synthesizing new collagen and peeling the skin. 40% of the regulations are provided. It is performed in as little as 5 minutes with regional anesthesia. After the procedure, the person can resume normal life.

What Should Be Considered After Laser Genital Area Whitening?

Complaints such as mild healing, stinging and burning can be seen. Within a few days after the procedure, the color first darkens and then the skin begins to peel off. There are no restrictions on sexual life.

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